Scott Candoo

When you need an experienced attorney; an attorney with a track record of winning cases; an attorney who keeps his cool in difficult situations; one who combines compassion and courage; you want Scott Candoo.

Scott handles the kind of lawsuits that are often considered too tough for other attorneys. He has been involved with high-profile celebrity dissolution cases that received widespread media attention. He has taken a wide range of cases to both jury and bench trials.

"Often I find that the people hiring me are starting off at one of the lowest points in their lives. The conflict they are experiencing is extremely personal and painful. The legal system can be harsh and bewildering. I like to be there with them at this stressful time and see them through the legal system. Often as they emerge from the legal case they are often stronger, healthier and happier than they believed possible at the beginning. To help my clients get through this and prevail is very rewarding." -Scott

A native of Tacoma, Scott is a recognized leader. He convinced The Olympian and the Tacoma News Tribune to join him in a lawsuit against the State of Washington for disclosure of public records relating to the expenditure of public monies. He won. Scott is also President Elect of the Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association and is its President in 2010.

Scott practices family law, personal injury, and criminal law; bringing to each field a reputation for clear thinking and aggressive representation. Family law and child custody can be particularly emotional. When people go through a divorce, "they are often in the gutter emotionally." This creates an acute need for a strong and experience legal counselor.

For personal injury clients, Scott uses his skills as a negotiator to win settlements often without the necessity of going to court. He also knows when it is necessary to file the lawsuit and take it to a verdict. He handles car and motorcycle accidents, dog bite cases, slip and fall cases, and other traumas. He negotiates directly with the insurance companies and "I work with an experience group of former insurance adjusters, who provide the best advantage for my clients."

Scott brings an insider’s knowledge of our region’s court system. He knows the judges and when a case should perhaps not be heard by a particular judge.

"I know when to settle and when to take the case to court. To be a good attorney, you can’t take everything to court, nor can you settle everything. Experience is what allows this decision to be made."

Scott Candoo is a graduate of Stadium High School received his B.A. from Washington State University, and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Puget Sound School of Law. He is married with two grown sons, and three grown step sons.

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