Scott Candoo has been practicing law since November 15, 1977. He has represented hundreds of clients, guiding them expertly through the complexities of the law and passionately presenting their cases in the courts when needed.

Scott Candoo has experience covering a broad range of legal issues, giving him a greater understanding of the impact of legal decisions. He realizes most legal issues affect more than one area of a client's life.


"I have tried cases involving automobile accidents, bodily injury, family issues, insurance disputes, criminal matters, property disputes and other areas. Because of this wide experience, I can gauge the effects of legal choices on my client’s lives.

Because of my trial experience, it is also possible for me to identify the types of issues which will be significant at trial"

Most of us do not need ongoing legal representation. However, when you do require legal guidance, it is best to have someone who has not only handled that type of case before, but someone who has handled a wide variety of related cases. Clients, even those who ordinarily exercise good judgment in their daily life, need specific knowledge when faced with a legal challenge.


Each case is unique and Scott Candoo takes care to understand the specific issues each presents.

"To help my clients, I have a team of proven legal professionals who are the best at what they do. I rely on the expertise of accountants to value businesses and assets, and on former insurance agents to assist in evaluating injury and accident claims. I consult legal research experts to study issues my clients could face in court; and employ a legal assistant who manages all client files and documents."

Mr. Candoo has been in front of many judges and taken many cases to trial. His experience enables him to look ahead. He knows whether to take a case to trial, or whether a settlement would be more prudent. Also, Mr. Candoo’s ability to anticipate both the emotional and financial costs of a case benefits each client.


"I believe it is an honor and privilege to stand with persons who are involved with the legal system in some way. Their lives have come to a place where they are in need of the court’s attention and they wish to have an advocate and counselor at law to assist them. My role is to see to it that their concerns are accurately presented in court and in negotiations leading up to court.

"The courts are not infallible by any stretch of the imagination. I compare the court system to a hospital emergency room. You are happy to have it when you need it, but you don’t want to go there unless it is necessary. I believe it is my job to first evaluate what is realistically achievable in the court system. I will take a case in which I can see how the legal system can provide a benefit to the client.

"I also believe in clear communications and describing legal issues in terms which are understandable to the client. It is my job to make things clear for the client."